Welcome a new taste experience with the wine ‘Primo’. This unique orange wine is more than just a drink. It’s an expression of nature and creativity in your glass. Primo is original, as its name suggests. An orange wine distinguished by its bright hue and unique flavor. It comes from selected grape varieties cared for […]

Barba Tassos

Barba Tassos is a natural wine produced from the winery’s oldest vineyard. It undergoes spontaneous fermentation at a stable temperature, and then matures without any additions in French oak barrels, with frequent stirring to avoid oxidation.

At the Root of the Mountain

Klima Grampsas Estate Zakynthos Wine Labels

The wine “Riza tou Vounou (In the Root of the Mountain)” comes from selected vineyards in the root of the mountain “Vraxionas” in the semi-mountainous village of Zakynthos, Lagopodo. From the time when the Venetians prevailed on the island (1485) in their short stories they reported the excellent quality of wine from that area.


The three best vineyards of the winery from different heights of 350m and above, aged 15, 30 and 50+ fermented in 2 different tanks, one 25 days extraction and the other 35 days extraction followed maturation 12 months in selected fine-grained French oak barrels and 12 months in the bottle before its commercial release. It […]

Light of the Sun

Having a tradition of years from our great- great grandfather, it was customary for the production of the sweet wine from the Avgioustiatis variety to spread the of grapes under the sun for 7-10 days. In this way, we dry the grapes and we increase the sugar concentration. So, having the sun, as the first […]

Allegro Red

Allegro means Happy and Alive. The parallel use of the two languages during the long period of Venetian conquest in Zakynthos (Ionian Islands) had the natural consequence of developing a linguistic mix. Thus, over time, a peculiar dialect was formed, the so-called “DIALETTO CORCIRESE”, with many words of the old Venetian language but mainly with […]