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Verdea Traditionelle

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Verdea Traditionelle

Verdea is a traditional white wine designation of Zakynthos. Verdea is a traditional white varietal wine produced in Zakynthos, an island in the Ionian Sea, Western Greece, which for centuries was under Venetian rule, think of it as starting with the purpose of its great stay in amphorae for long journeys with Venetian ships.

The Venetian influence is responsible for the name Verdea, from the Italian word “verde,” meaning “green,” referring to the green color of the almost unripe grapes used to increase the acidity of the wine while always ending with a ripe tregos.

Verdea first appeared in the early 16th century and was identified with the island’s subsequent viticultural history.

Despite the small size of Zakynthos, for centuries, many indigenous grape varieties have been cultivated there. A characteristic testimony is a poem from 1601, where in a few verses, 34 varieties are listed, most of which survive to this day! However, the name Verdea does not refer to a grape variety but to a type of wine. The main varieties involved in the production of Verdea are as follows for Verdea Tradittonelle:


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