Verdea Traditionelle

Verdea is a traditional white wine designation of Zakynthos. Verdea is a traditional white varietal wine produced in Zakynthos, an island in the Ionian Sea, Western Greece, which for centuries was under Venetian rule, think of it as starting with the purpose of its great stay in amphorae for long journeys with Venetian ships. The […]


Verdea is a traditional white multi-variety wine, produced in Zakynthos, an Ionian island in western Greece, which has been in Venetian possession for centuries. Its named Verdea from the Venetian influence, from the Italian word “verde”, meaning “green”, referring to the green color of the almost unripe grapes used to increase the acidity of the […]


Discover Pavlos, a fresh white wine that represents the gentle and aromatic expressiveness of its variety. Made from the finest grapes of Pavlos, this wine reveals a fruity aroma and a refreshing taste that highlights the elegance and finesse of the variety. Each sip of Pavlos is an opportunity to savor its sweet simplicity and […]


Novita in the Zakynthian dialect means “news” and as a name was chosen to reveal the pioneering character that Goustolidi variety has to show.


The Goustolidi that you have most likely heard as Augustolidi comes from the words August + Ornament (jewel), as if to say the ornament (jewel) of Augustus.

Allegro White

Klima Grampsas Estate Zakynthos Wine Labels

Allegro means Happy and Alive. The parallel use of the two languages during the long period of Venetian conquest in Zakynthos (Ionian Islands) had the natural consequence of developing a linguistic mix. Thus, over time, a peculiar dialect was formed, the so-called “DIALETTO CORCIRESE”, with many words of the old Venetian language but mainly with […]