Grand Rosé

A wine originating from selected vineyards in the best TERROIR of Zakynthos.

The Sun Rosé

Klima Grampsas Estate Zakynthos Wine Labels

Zakynthos, as the southern and the sunniest island in the Ionian Sea, it is no coincidence that Zakynthos was named “The Flower of the East” because the sailors could detect the smell of flowering sea narcissists from far away before they even saw the island. We named The Sun Rosé to emphasize the cool enjoyment […]


Welcome to Oinocence, a wine that combines the authentic taste of wine with a sense of logic. With a play on words that combines the Greek word for wine, “οίνος” (oinos), with the English word “sense”, Oinocence is much more than just a simple rosé wine. It’s an experience that blends the sweetness of the […]